YouTube Strategies for Money Making Explained

Around the globe, five billion YouTube videos are watched every day. YouTube is as popular as ever with users spending an average of 40 minutes per YouTube session. In this post, you will learn YouTube Strategies for money making.

In line with this digital shift, the next thing you should learn is how to make money on YouTube. All you need is video editing software and a computer and you can get started on YouTube.

YouTube Monetization

In order to start earning money on your videos, you’ll need to enable monetization. This means you are allowing YouTube to place ads in your video. This also means that you acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your video. Go to and click “My Channel” on the webpage.

Now, YouTube will want you to have up to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours before your site can be monetized. Following the below YouTube Strategies for money making will help you reach the numbers than you expected.

YouTube Strategies

In actual sense, many have started YouTube and quit without pushing a little more harder. There are very simple steps you will need to follow in other to make money with YouTube. Let us discuss them below:

Good Niche

In starting a YouTube Channel, you will have to choose a particular topic (niche) for the channel. This is actually what will make your audience to come back to checkout similar content on your video. Choosing the right niche that suite you is a very vital decision you will need to make early. If this is not done well, you will notice that you will not flow well. Sometimes, you will run out of ideas of what to vlog next.

There are some number of niche that people like to watch and they are entertainment, games, education, making money video, technology and so on.

Quality Videos

It is not enough to make video about what people are interested in watching. Your video must be of good quality. Making a video with poor visuals, audio, or with bad grammar will turn people away from your channel.

This does not mean that you must start with expensive gear. You can start recording yourself with your mobile phone or even use a screen recorder to make videos without showing your face. But just try and make it a good quality.

Engaging Content

YouTube videos should be engaging, otherwise, people are going to click away to other channels. Always make sure that your first 15 minutes has engaged enough. Most people don’t get to half of the video before they left.

Again, you can use different annotation and sounds to keep your views glued to their device. If this is done properly, your viewer will always come back for more.


There is a saying that said that “consistency wins the race.” You don’t have to jump from one niche to another. This will make it difficult for people and even YouTube Algorithm to know where you belong and the type of people your video should be shown to.

Always define your channel and follow it. Again, you should also upload videos on regular basis. This will help YouTube to know that you mean business. YouTube itself like fresh content.

Reaching Out

When you publish a video, try to share the link to your friend and love ones through social media. This will help to attract more viewer to your video.

You can as well re-share what you have shared in the past just to reach out to new friends.

End Note

YouTube Strategies for making money is just like every other business. When you start the channel, just be patient and watch it to grow in due course.

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