Top 5 Sites to Start Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people that are coming new into affiliate marketing often get confused with the term. In this article, we are going to list different site where you can start affiliate marketing even as a beginner.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is a method of paying some commission for sales or even traffic generated from a referrals site. This can also be referred as advertisement.

Without adding too much ado, here are top 5 sites to start affiliate marketing:

1. Amazon Associates

Almost everyone knows about Amazon, the CEO Jeff Bezos once became the richest man in the world. Amazon is an online marketplace that is known for selling books, now they deliver anything from candy, drone, gadget and so on.

There is an option for publishers to sign up and refer buyers to this site and earn some commission from that.

2. Ebay Partners

This user-based marketplace helps to advertise and sell items from their platform. What partners to is to find listing of their interest, promote them by using the network tools and get paid.

3. ClickBank

ClickBank is a diverse marketplace with a lot of merchants to pick and promote their goods or services.

You can promote goods that one can buy or services like grammarly used for grammar check.

4. CJ Affiliate Publishers

CJ formally known as Commission Junction is a platform that is a great choice for many affiliate marketers. They have been in this industry for years. CJ has a lot of products from different niche that you can promote.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense not really an affiliate marketing platform, but an ad-network. Publisher can use this platform to earn money from the content they generate to the public.

This has some level of similarity with affiliate marketing. Here is how to earn money with Google AdSense.

End Note

With this list of Top 5 Sites to Start Affiliate Marketing even as a beginner, you can start earning online from the content that you can create. Some of them even allow you to share their affiliate link on your social media and also earn revenue when someone purchase using the link.

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